CCRT Bangladesh

CCRT stands for Cancer Care and Research Trust. CCRT’s objectives are to provide cancer patients with supportive care & information, and to raise and disburse funds for cancer researchers in Bangladesh.

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Our Large number of Volunteers assists Cancer Patients and takes CARE of them.


A Forecasting-Based ARIMA Modeling of Cancer Deaths in Bangladesh and World


CCRTB can give you the floor to help directly to the cancer patients and spread awareness to the general mass.

How We Care?

The below points are the basic initiatives taken by us for taking proper care against a patient.


Cancer Care and Research Trust Bangladesh (CCRTB) will act as a platform where cancer patients, caregivers, and stakeholders can reach out to these health experts.

Financial & Co-pay Assistance

The aim is to lessen the heavy financial burden imposed on the families of cancer patients,at least to some extent.

Education Workshops

To raise as much public awareness against preventable cancers, to raise awareness among patients and their families, and to provide psychological and emotional support.

Information & Publications

We provide information about cancer specialists, cancer care hospitals and radiotherapy facilities available both home and abroad like India,Thailand and Singapore.

Support Groups

Our dedicated volunteer support groups are always ready to help the cancer patients and their relatives.

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